Cyber Security Plan: Do I need one? Where do I start?

Let MCS Tech Services help you answer these questions. MCS Tech Services will also find the vulnerabilities in your Network and fix them. 

Hackers, Ransomware, Regulations, and Compliance.

Executives across the US find these terms creeping into their daily reading.

 You know you need to start taking cyber security seriously, but it feels like no one can tell you exactly what it is, what it means, how much it will cost, or how good or bad your corporate cyber security is right now.

Cyber Attack Protection
So Where Do I Start?
Security Assessment
Networking Scan for Vulnerabilities
Monitoring network
Fixing the Issues

How do I assess where we are now.

Perform a Security Assessment and see how your systems stack up against industry standards.  This first piece is largely an interview and paperwork exercise.  You need to look at your configurations, make sure your network maps are up-to-date and go through how your network and systems are set up now.  This doesn’t have to be a long process, but you do need to be methodical.


You need to ask specific questions

For example,

  • “Do the admins share passwords or do each of you have a unique account?”

  • “How often do we review firewall rules to see if we still need them?”

  • “What is our process of removing someone’s access after they leave the company?”



A vulnerability scan connects to devices and servers across your network looking for software that is vulnerable to hackers and malware.  It gives you a report of how vulnerable your systems are to known issues.  Vulnerability scans are fast and yield a wealth of information. They answer questions such as,  “Are we really as up-to-date on patches as we think we are?” MCS Tech Services will be able to help you identify affected machines and bring everyone into compliance.

Our Unified Threat Management (UTM) is the next-generation of firewalls and it watchs every bit of traffic on your network.  When set up properly, UTM's are updated every day and inform you about everything from ransomware to out of date Java on company workstations.  These types of Intrusion Detection Systems are required in some industries by their regulatory authorities.  MCS Tech Services HIGHLY recommends having a UTM and monitoring it regularly.  When set up properly UTM's will most likely will be your first indicator that a hacker has infiltrated your network.

Already have an Firewall?

MCS Tech Services has found that most in house Firewalls are:

  • Not setup and configured properly

  • Have not been updated since the day they were installed

  • Have no one checking the logs daily

Security Assessment
Scan for Vulnerabilities
Monitor Your Network
Re-Assess and Re-Scan

Ok, at this point, we have our security assessment comprised of how things are set up, results from your scan and data from watching the traffic on the network. Your finalized security assessment report will help you make an action plan to fix your cyber security issues.  We will work with you to prioritize and work through each issue.

Security Assessment reports are also a great budget justification tool!

This doesn’t have to be crazy or super formal, but we go back over everything after the initial issues are fixed. We then run another vulnerability scan to make sure you didn’t miss anything.  

Virus Protection and Remedation


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