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Sophos Rapid Response

An skilled team of incident responders using Sophos Rapid Response can discover and eliminate active threats against your organization very quickly. We have seen it all and stopped it, whether it was an infection, a compromise, or an effort by unauthorized access to get around your security settings.

Every Second Counts During an Attack

The interval between the initial indication of compromise and full threat mitigation must be as short as possible while responding to an active threat. It is a race against time to make sure an enemy is unable to accomplish their goals as they move along the kill chain. With our 24/7 staff of remote incident responders, threat analysts, and threat hunters, Sophos Rapid Response quickly gets you out of harm's way. How soon? The majority of consumers are triaged in 48 hours, and onboarding begins in a matter of hours. Both current Sophos customers and non-Sophos customers can use the Sophos Rapid Response service.

45 Days of 24/7
Monitoring and Response

Experts at removing live threats are the Sophos Rapid Response team. We switch you to Sophos MDR Advanced, our top-tier service, in "authorize" threat response mode as soon as the event is resolved and the immediate threat to your organization is eliminated. This offers proactive threat hunting, investigation, identification, and reaction around-the-clock.

We shall be available to respond at no additional expense to you if the threat reappears or a similar situation materializes. During the duration of your membership, we will protect you for 45 days if you are the target of an assault.

Aligned Incentives

You run the risk of underestimating how long it will take to effectively neutralize a threat because traditional Incident Response (IR) providers are paid hourly. You could end up needing to buy more hours as a result. Even worse, it encourages the typical IR service to respond in the fewest possible hours.

The number of users and servers in your estate determines the fixed-fee price model that Sophos Rapid Response delivers. Additionally, it is given remotely, enabling us to start responding from the first day. Since time is never a factor in cost, it is in both our and your interests to get you out of the risk area as soon as we can. Both current Sophos customers and non-Sophos customers can use the Sophos Rapid Response service.

Let us keep you safe from the
cyberthreats out there.

Give MCS Tech Services a call today and 
rest easy knowing your data is protected.

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